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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Overview Webinar for HR Managers – May the 16th at 13:00 pm

PointSolutions will deliver a session to demonstrate how HR and LMS (Learning Management Systems) can help provide a framework for GDPR compliance, specifically focusing on employee data.

The webinar will showcase features and functions within HR and LMS systems that aid employee data compliance, including policy and training management, employee and management GDPR dashboards, data retention policies and data breach and subject access request logs.

Mark Walsh (PointSolutions MD) will present how HR system functionality can aid compliance strategy, this will include:

  1. GDPR Policy Tracking
  2. GDPR Training Tracking
  3. Employee Data Management
    .            eDiscovery
    Ability to quickly identify relevant information from all sources (documents, databases,
    emails, social posts etc.)
  4. Employee GDPR User Interface
    .            Security Map
    .            Ability for employees to view who can see their data and at what level
    .            Data Process Map
    .            Ability for employees to view a high-level data flow (by process) so they can understand
    who ‘touches’ their information and where it ultimately ends up
    .            Data Update Logs
    .            Ability to view versions logs as to who updated their data and when
    .            Ability to log a Data Breach
    .            Ability to log a Subject Access Request
  5. Data Retention Policies
    .            Ability to classify data and document retention policies by data/content type
  6. Data Breach Management Module
    .            Deadline to respond and to make sure this is diarised the date to notify the ICO (i.e. 72 hours
    after becoming aware of the breach)
  7. Subject Access Request Management Module
    .            Deadline to respond and to make sure this is diarised (i.e. one month from the date on which the
    request is received under GDPR as opposed to 40 days under the Data Protection Act)
  8. GDPR Management Dashboard

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