1. 85 million monthly active users

In 2016, the Microsoft suite had a global monthly user base of 85 million. This impressive figure highlights the popularity of the Office 365 environment. The high user base is a good indication of the positive reception the suite has received, as 85 million other users have evidently seen value in making the investment. The high user base is also a positive indication that Microsoft will continue to make Office 365 a staple in their strategy moving forward and the suite will continue to receive a great deal of investment and attention. This investment will ensure that the suite continues to improve and furthermore each additional update allows businesses to maximise the return on their investment.

2. 35% increase in Office 365 adoption

Last year Microsoft posted a 35% increase in Office 365 adoption, with a large number of organisations making the swap from Microsoft’s on premise offering to their cloud offering. This partnered with the previous statistic really helps to emphasise how rapidly businesses are starting to adopt the Office 365 environment, with the Office 365 suite showing no immediate signs of slowing down in popularity. The rapid adoption of the suite is an encouraging sign as it indicates that other businesses are seeing value in making the investment. The rapid adoption also helps to highlight the recent digital transformation taking place in the workplace, from a traditional approach to IT systems, to a modern cloud based approach. Cloud adoption in Europe is rapidly increasing but it’s Microsoft who are currently leading the way as 40% of organisations with over 1,000 employees chose Office 365 meanwhile 20% went with Google’s G Suite.

3. Office 365 is popular with businesses of all sizes

The Microsoft Office 365 suite holds a significant market share across organisations of all sizes, from those with thousands of employees to those with less than 50. This fact emphasises why the Office 365 suite has experienced such a rapid adoption rate. The suite is positioned for a variety of organisations, irrespective of their size. This point is enhanced by the variety of packages and pricing models offered by Microsoft with their Office 365 environment. Pricing models such as the Nonprofit model, suitable for recognised charities, positions the software to be ideal for a number of organisations, across a range of sectors.

4. Office 365 is ideal for collaboration

Collaboration in the workplace is an important factor for innovation and productivity and the Office 365 environment facilitates this collaboration in a number of intuitive ways. The recent addition of Microsoft Teams to the 365 environment is the perfect illustration of both the continuous improvement the suite is undergoing and how Office 365 will help colleagues within businesses collaborate together. The Teams platform brings a series of features that will facilitate workplace collaboration with a much more conversational tone. Meanwhile, the SharePoint environment is ideal for ongoing collaboration of specific documents, as it allows individuals within a team to work on the same document and then share those documents seamlessly through the cloud. Because of SharePoint’s collaborative and customisable nature it is also the ideal platform for businesses to build an intranet solution and it’s simple user interface will ensure a high user engagement.

5. Office 365 facilitates the increasingly mobile workforce

The capacity to work away from the Office is an ever-growing demand amongst the modern workforce. For many it has become a necessity to be able to work remotely, in order to overcome their on-the-go lifestyle. For the first time in November 2016 mobile surpassed desktop as the most popular platform used to access the internet with 51% of webpages being accessed via a mobile device. Microsoft Office 365 facilitates the employees need to work from any location at a time that suits their busy schedule. The Office 365 mobile functionality ensures that employees can access the suite from their device remotely, ensuring they can collaborate with their team as if they were in the office and not squeezed onto a train on their way to a meeting. This ability to accommodate the modern workforce’s busy and remote schedules makes Office 365 a winner in our books, as it allows employees to access what they need at a time and place that suits them.