Pointsolutions delivered a seminar in partnership with Combined Knowledge, GradConsult, WAT Solutions Factory, and Lightning Tools last week on the 9th May. The Seminar was held at Microsoft’s Paddington HQ and involved a series of sessions delivered by industry experts.

SharePoint Online, accessed as part of the Office 365 suite, offers a number of features that can help HR professionals save time and boost productivity, so they can spend more of their time on strategic tasks rather than admin. The session last week aimed to provide guidance on how more businesses can tap into the potential of SharePoint and Office 365 as a HR system and, in the process, allow more businesses to maximise their return on investment from the Microsoft software.

Feedback from the session has been extremely positive as attendees were delighted with the knowledge and insight they received. Attendees, at the seminar, found the prospect of using SharePoint as a productivity and collaboration tool really intriguing and many commended on the friendly and professional delivery.

“Expert knowledge shown by all of the presenters. Thank you!”

All attendees and speakers thoroughly enjoyed the day as the group discussed a number of thought provoking topics related to the idea of using SharePoint and Office 365 to overcome HR challenges. These topics helped to introduce the attendees to the full potential that Microsoft’s eco-systems can provide for their organisation.

“Combining different aspects of a topic which are not normally covered in one seminar was a highlight”

The session presented the perfect opportunity for HR professionals to gain insight into the ongoing digital transformation that is currently shifting the HR landscape. The whole day provided an extremely friendly atmosphere that both the speakers and attendees found engaging. The seminar allowed attendees to develop their understanding of the potential that SharePoint and Office 365 can provide to their business and how the software can be a game changer in the modern HR landscape.

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