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Annual surveys and assessments are commonplace in most companies. These assessments can concern a multitude of topics, ranging from Health and Safety to Induction Validation to assessing your employees on company procedure. To simplify the [...]

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Employee Raise Absence

It is essential for us that our clients get the best possible solutions and innovations that we can offer to help maintain and improve efficiency using our applications and constantly developing their features. Communication is [...]

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Delagate Process

Business processes are the key of efficiency in any organisation. Digital transformation plays a huge part in streamlining processes and tasks to achieve efficiency and realize business goals. Within a business, many tasks are tedious and [...]

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Learning Management System Must Have Features

1. Reporting If the purpose of an LMS is to train and develop the workforce, then live reporting and tracking features are imperative in order to monitor both the success of the system and the [...]

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Five reasons you need to invest in a decent HR Management System

Whether you’re a business owner or run an SME you’ve probably fantasised about having an HR Management System. You know that an HR Management System would be a smart idea in theory, but something’s stopping [...]

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