Our Apps

Our Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint HR-based applications have been developed from many years of experience in providing solutions to many market sectors and size of organisation. They are continually developed based on a 4-point R&D strategy

  • From our clients – they are best positioned to advise on requirements
  • From relevant independent experts – we engage with a number of industry experts to advise on trends, strategies and requirements in the marketplace
  • From technology – the constantly evolving Azure and Office 365 platform provides many opportunities to use technology to improve process
  • From the market – be this regulation, best practice and / or trends the Apps are kept up-to-date

Our Services

PointSolutions invest massively in research and development of the framework in which we operate. We work closely with Microsoft to understand how to utilise the many Azure and Office 365 components and to stay informed of their development roadmap. This in-depth knowledge allows us to develop custom solutions, provide knowledge transfer, deliver training, offer support and extend our Apps to ensure our clients get the most out their investment in the framework. Be this utilising SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow, Teams, PowerBI, Security & Compliance, Azure AD etc., being integrated and connected delivers strategic value.

Our Philosophy

The business has migrated to “the cloud”, but have your employees and processes?

We believe that it is not about moving to “the cloud”, it is re-engineering your business processes to work in a different way: more informed, more insightful and smarter. Strategies to understand how the new technologies and Apps can help your business, to ensure that up-skill your staff, to review your current processes and update them utilising the new technological options, to stay up-to-date and informed, to implement a continual development and learning program are all key aspects of moving to “the cloud”.