Annual surveys and assessments are commonplace in most companies. These assessments can concern a multitude of topics, ranging from Health and Safety to Induction Validation to assessing your employees on company procedure. To simplify the assessment process, we at PointSolutions created AssessmentPoint365: an intuitive software development to help you streamline the creation and distribution of your assessments. AssessmentPoint365 allows you to create customised assessments unique to your business needs, assign assessments to relevant staff, and analyse the data produced by producing personalised dashboards for Employees, Line Managers and HR Managers.

The integrated functionality of AssessmentPoint365 allows for questions to be grouped together in both tabs and sections, depending on what is more appropriate for the needs of your business. The answers to the questions are determined by you: ensuring multiple-choice questions always have relevant answers to your business.

Create, assign, and report on your company’s assessments with AssessmentPoint365 today.