In today’s world, there is an array of different ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Office 365 offers a range of apps such as SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Outlook, and Skype for business that is integrated to make working life easier and much more efficient.

There is an abundance of information to help even the most inexperienced people learn how to use these apps to their full potential. There are also resource’s other than the internet, PointSolutions have recently hosted an Office 365 workshop aimed at business and IT managers who understand the value it holds and is looking to adopt Office 365 more in their organisation. There were also attendees who came to learn more about Office 365 and its capabilities as many are unaware of how powerful it is. Four of the Apps PointSolutions covered in the workshop were Teams, Yammer, Flow, and SharePoint. Teams allows collaborative work on files so a project can be edited by more than one user at the same time and the instant messaging system allows communication. Yammer, a private business social media tool for sharing news, ideas and important messages across an organisation and allows collaboration on files for a much more connected business.  Flow is an important tool when communicating externally it can be used to send emails, tweets, yammer posts. It can be used to reply to a Microsoft forms response amongst many other processes and you won’t have to look far for help. SharePoint is a secure area for collaboration, management, and sharing of documents, empowering teamwork across your organisation.

Microsoft SharePoint Introduction

Microsoft Teams Introduction

There are two upcoming webinars, one the 31st of October recapping the Microsoft Ignite 2017 event and another on the 7th of November giving an insight into Teams and Skype for business these could both contribute to showcasing the power of Office 365 as a tool for your business. Our Team at PointSolutions  are hosting more workshops in the future in order to help shine a light on the power of Office 365 and its collaborative tools such as Teams, Yammer, Flow and SharePoint and would be happy for you to attend, we will also be giving general information on Office 365 and our services which can help you use these tools to their full potential.

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