Business processes are the key of efficiency in any organisation. Digital transformation plays a huge part in streamlining processes and tasks to achieve efficiency and realize business goals. Within a business, many tasks are tedious and time-consuming Рsuch as absence authorisation, employee onboarding, offboarding, and getting employees to sign up for relevant policies. At PointSolutions, we provide a suite of HR and Learning Management Systems which are all built into one centralised location: Microsoft 365. This gives us the ability to provide clients with an application pack which can keep all data, processes, tasks, and other business vital procedures on one accessible platform. This framework aids a business to become more modern and efficient.

By utilising the PointSolutions applications, we look to streamline processes to help keep the focus on more important tasks. Our system relies heavily on ownership of groups and departments, but also exclusive authorisers, as it became clear that there was a need to allow a process for specific authorisers – in the event that they are unable to attend work due to sickness or leave. We liaised with users of our systems to devise the best solutions for this process to work: using feedback, we designed an end to end delegation process, which gives the user the ability to change one or all authorisers between a range of dates. This updates both pending tasks for relevant apps as well as any new tasks that are generated during those dates. Overall, this prompts users to have less reliance on human resources and any superuser teams by passing ownership on to the wider management teams within each department.

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