According to McKinsey, ‘digital transformation’ is one of the most anxiety inducing terms in today’s corporate lexicon. Presumably that’s because neurologically we don’t react well to uncertainty and there’s certainly a lot of that around what digital actually means.  One thing is clear, it has a huge impact on how things are done in organizations.

This presents HR with a unique opportunity. An opportunity to support the organisation to build a culture of networking, collaboration and innovation. An opportunity to lead the way in designing an operating model which empowers teams to act and make decisions. An opportunity to deliver reward structures to foster innovation and collaboration. An opportunity to create a flexible workforce model that takes advantage of the expanding freelance and gig economy. An opportunity to shape the learning and development platform to combine e-learning with social platforms fostering peer learning. The list of opportunities goes on and on…

To take advantage of this, HR should also seize the opportunity to change the widely held perception of the function as a cost center. By developing a clear vision for digitization that takes a long-term, holistic view of talent acquisition and engagement HR can truly be at the center of the sweeping changes.

At the core of this HR should be looking to upgrade to a flexible, interoperable IT platform. The sadly too common IT landscape of silo-ed data sources and disconnected systems creates significant gaps in data, which impairs HR’s ability to accurately identify and prioritize strategic workforce investment areas.

Additionally, HR IT platforms need to support mobile and social media integration. They need to be flexible enough to accommodate future advancements in technology. The shift to a cloud-based model can address many of these requirements as they are easily scalable and upgradable, and can be implemented at lower costs than a full-scale legacy upgrade.

So amidst the anxiety there’s a lot of opportunity for HR Leaders to re-invent their value proposition and that begins with getting the basics right and investing in the right HR platform for their business.

PointSolutions will be presenting on this topic at the CIPD HR Software Show 2017.  Eating the Elephant of HR Digital Transformation session will look at the benefits of taking an integrated digital approach to HR systems and how such a solution allows HR to focus on strategy, not processes.