It is essential for us that our clients get the best possible solutions and innovations that we can offer to help maintain and improve efficiency using our applications and constantly developing their features. Communication is important in any organisation, the problem with this is that communication can take a lot of time. Planning absence, holidays and anything similar means going back and forth for authorisation, waiting for people to reply to or review the request can mean a lot of time is wasted – time that could be used on business crucial tasks. Our update helps streamline this process.

It is clear that employees require the ability to raise a planned absence request to their absence authoriser, to enable the most functionality for all users: with employees having restricted features as appose to managers given the full features while looking at the app page. We created a new feature which utilises existing set-up information. This means that when the feature is implemented there is no duplication of data and making for a quicker implementation. This page allows an Employee to select the category for their absence and submit notes to their absence authoriser – the absence authoriser then receives an in-app task, which allows them to approve or decline the request as well as pass notes back via the Notifications system. This set-up allows an efficient and governed system to request planned absences from employees to their authorisers – saving time by cutting out emails, conversations and even paperwork.

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