This Free seminar will help business’ working with SharePoint and Office 365 who are looking to adopt a joined-up approach to overcoming HR, people development and system challenges. This event has been designed for HR, learning and development teams, and people responsible for IT systems within SME and larger organisations.

Event takeaways include

  • Learn from the mistakes that businesses have already made and ensure that you are asking the right questions of a new or replacement HR system
  • Understand how to address the impact organisational culture can have on achieving a successful outcome
  • Understand how to get the most out of your SharePoint or Office 365 platform to maximise return on investment
  • See how to overcome training challenges
  • Learn how to overcome adoption challenges
  • Take away tips on how to get your people change ready – understanding attitudes
  • Learn how to make ‘implementation of change’ successful

The event will take place on the 12th October at the Friends House, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ venue.  Full details and bookings can be made via our partner website: