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People Management

In SMEs and even larger organisations, the challenges of people management can vary. They may be magnified making them harder to pinpoint and tackle and overcome. Other problems may be widespread across a business, it can be hard for HR managers to drive engagement and retainment without the help of a large team or a system to manage all the processes.


Keeping up with constantly changing laws and regulations is a difficult task and as laws are becoming more and more dynamic with the age of digital transformation they are becoming harder to keep on top of. Processes become more tedious surrounding each law as your company grows and laws change.

Aligning HR to Business Strategy

It is the responsibility of HR to align their strategy with relevant business goals such as employee retainment, gaining skills within an organisation, putting in place policies etc. This can be challenging as everyone must know the strategy and business goals in order to align them. Unfortunately, they can be miscommunicated within a business.Click edit button to change this text.

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Our Solution

PointSolutions’ PeoplePoint 365 engagement starts with employee database management and evaluating the security requirements of the business. Followed by mapping out stakeholders, providing onboarding templates based on the relevant job roles. PeoplePoint 365 is a SharePoint based HR software designed to work with Office 365 and also with SharePoint on-premises. Multiple views provide self-service access for employees, powerful reporting and real-time dashboards for HR professionals, Line Managers, IT and Payroll.

PointSolutions’ modular approach allows businesses to build the best system for their needs and also includes the ability to extend the functionality by adding applications such as an Applicant Tracking (ATS) module, a Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Self-service Management
  • Contextual, Real-time Dashboards
  • Facilitates GDPR Compliance
  • Full Integration with PointSolutions Apps
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails
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