In our last blog (link to above post) we looked at some of the topic areas that you may consider as part of a Learning and Development strategy for 2018. This blog will look at specific reasoning and where LearningPoint365 can help – being an Office365-based learning and development framework application for talent development, training, and growth.

Is the way you manage training damaging your business?

From listening to our customers, we’ve learned that antiquated training methods often miss the mark. They fail to provide for learning paths by job role, don’t engage learners and lack real-time measurement. This leads to damaging results:

  • Skills and competency shortages
  • Greater need for recruitment and replacement (both of which are costly and time-consuming)
  • Poor data capturing and lowered ROI
  • Inconsistent training
  • Compliance issues arising from inferior training and development

What employees need for a business to succeed

Integrated learning and development systems are the foundation of a solidly performing workforce. Key elements of this growth realisation lies in personalising learning profiles, learning journeys, monitoring talent and ensuring scalability.

Employees require:

  • Training and development that is relevant to their role and their progression
  • Seamless access to learning content and systems
  • Regular content updates
  • Tailored feedback and real-time measurement
  • Mobile consumption
  • Clear development roadmaps
  • Insight into the business objectives and impacts
  • Training on the platforms, applications and tools that will allow them to upskill


Employers require:

  • Understanding of skills gaps
  • Talent attraction
  • Development of talent
  • Talent retention
  • Employee engagement
  • Training linked to business objectives
  • Technology adoption
  • Single consolidated view of learning
  • Tracking of employees learning paths & performance
  • Security & Compliance
  • Optimisation of training programmes, formats and content
  • Real-time and predictive analysis
  • Up-to-date content
  • Quality of content presentation

Let’s look at that in more detail…


Current challenges

Working with businesses to help engage their workforce in the provision of Learning Management frameworks has highlighted some common needs and challenges. One core area is upskilling a workforce on the utilisation of the extensive Office365 application suite. These quotes may be familiar and although specific to Office365, could easily be applied to any learning need:

We need to understand the features of the Office365 App suite”

“We need to ensure we stay up-to-date with Office365 features and updates”

“We need to translate how Office365 Apps and features can be utilised to modernise our service provision”

“We need to own Office365 App knowledge to ensure business continuity”

“We need all our Learning processes connected!”

“We need to automate our learning whilst still retaining the personal element”

“We need to link our Office365 learning to business goals”

“We need to monitor and measure knowledge usage”

“We need to highlight business risk from knowledge gaps”

“We need to understand the organisation skill-set and the gaps”

“We need to understand the impact of leavers on our skills bank”

“We need to scale our learning platform for global consumption within a consolidated database structure to address and align local requirements with organisational analysis”

“We need a single platform to manage our employee training and development across every division”

“We need a talent development system that allows the provision of learning paths by job role”

“We need a self-service learning system that engages and allows learner to take ownership of their development”

“Learners need to have visibility of their learning development path, as well as understanding how it impacts the business”

“The business needs real-time measurement of learning from quality, benefit and risk perspectives”

“The business needs ensure training is delivered to meet compliance”

“We need integrated Applicant Tracking, HR and Learning Management systems”


What do your employees think about their training and development?

Recently the Harvard Business Review surveyed employees, and found 81% strongly agreed that employer-provided supervisor/mentor learning support offers the opportunities to “develop technical skills needed in the future”.  A higher 88% strongly agreed that they felt motivated to “do the very best” with supervisor support.

If you feel your organisation needs support with talent development, training and growth, we can help with a foundation aspect – that being a modern, scalable and relevant Learning Management framework application provisioned within Office365.


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