We’re proud to announce the launch of LearningPoint 365 at the CIPD Learning and Development Show at Olympia on 10 – 11th May 2017.

Given the skills shortages we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment, retaining good people is ever more critical to your bottom line.  As recruitment costs soar, and recruitment remains so time-consuming, many of our clients are focusing on using training and development systems to up-skill employees, increase retention and encourage promotion from within. At the same time, these businesses are increasingly looking to reduce the number of systems they use, combined with a move to the cloud.

To this end, we’ve developed LearningPoint365.  LearningPoint 365 will bring the many benefits of an integrated training and development system to your company and it’s designed to work with Microsoft Office 365.  It fits neatly alongside our SharePoint HR management system, or independently, as an effective way to engage users, automate the learning process, measure progress and manage competencies.

To help our clients get the most value from their learning management system, LearningPoint 365 has the following key features:

Personalised learning profiles and learning journeys

LearningPoint 365 will enable you to create a learning profile for all your employees; a profile which will be accessible by them, their mangers and your HR/learning teams.

Once areas of training or improvement have been identified, your employees will be able to follow a bespoke training path, developing skills and attaining relevant achievements through their learning portal.  They can book on to training through the portal, access online training and content and achieve their training goals.  Learning tasks can be allocated based on job role, department, organisation and location and are presented chronologically on their learning dashboard.

Importantly, the system allows for learning tasks to be linked to supporting information including training courses, learning material and supplementary information.

Live reporting and tracking

When using LearningPoint 365, managers and HR/learning teams will be able to track learning journeys – monitoring learning and managing learning material, seeing individual learning journeys and monitoring attendance at internally-run courses. The system facilitates detailed management reporting including learning timeframe analysis, skills competency forecasts and skills competency gap analysis.

LearningPoint 365 prioritises performance monitoring; issuing periodic feedback forms to employees and their line managers upon learning completion and 3, 6, 12 and 24 months afterwards to measure the effectiveness of training and quantify ROI.

LearningPoint 365 also makes event management far more efficient.  Learning events and courses can be scheduled with training categorised to link to learning profiles and aid course search.  The system can record internal and external course information with data captured including the following:

  • Owner
  • Trainer
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Min / Max / reserve list delegates
  • Cost
  • Learning hours attributed
  • Pre-requisites.

The event booking system can alert you if numbers booked are too low or high a set number of days prior to the event, and when the maximum number of delegates has been reached.

What’s more, you will be able to map your company KPIs and see business goals realised through more efficient learning and training.

Messaging and notifications

LearningPoint 365 offers on-going and dynamic 360 feedback so users can evaluate and reflect on their development as it happens, and mangers can review the success of specific learning. This automated 360 feedback is triggered at various milestones depending on the type of learning. For example, once employees have attended an event, the system will trigger a link to a feedback form, learning profile task and 360 degree assessment process.

Flexibility and the ability to scale

Some learning management systems have limited use as they are so rigid.  With LearningPoint 365 you’ll have global functionality if you’re looking to expand across borders and need – for example – language localisation.

We know you want flexibility of price as well, so that’s what we offer.  With our flexible pricing structure, your learning management system can grow with you so reducing your initial capital investment.

Of course, LearningPoint365 also includes other benefits you’d expect from a user-friendly PointSolutions system:

  • Mobile functionality to increase adoption and engagement rates and empower managers
  • Personalisation to improve engagement, promote a positive user experience and provide a learning path
  • Bespoke branding to match your existing platforms
  • SCORM compliance so courses and the system can communicate with each other and avoid interoperability challenges
  • Ease of integration and deployment so you get quicker adoption, learning, and ROI
  • Language translation settings specific to user location
  • Auto-enrolment and role-based assignment
  • Quiz Builder

To find out more about LearningPoint365, or to have a demo, please find us at stand 166 at the CIPD L&D Show or click here.