LearningPoint 365 is a modern Learning Management System (LMS) with a user-friendly interface, which guides learners through their development pathway, whilst providing management with real-time overviews of the skills/competency statuses. The solution is helps organisations utilise the wider Office 365 solution-set, link learning to business objectives and deliver real time predictive analysis.

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LearningPoint 365 is an Azure Learning Management System (LMS) application that integrates with Azure AD authentication and utilises SharePoint as the database management system within the client’s own tenancy. This allows the client to own their data and integrate and extend their existing deployment, or act as a catalyst to adopt SharePoint.

The positioning of LearningPoint 365 within Office 365 and Azure allows organisations to utilise the wider Office 365 service-set as part of the Learning Management System functionality; such as Flow & PowerApps to create 360 feedback forms and PowerBI to build dashboards.

Using the extended Office 365 features, including PowerApps and Flow, also promotes usage of the Office 365 native mobile apps to provide mobile-first user experiences for end users, on-the-go.

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LearningPoint 365 fits neatly alongside our other applications, or independently, as an effective way to engage users, automate the learning process, measure progress and manage competencies and overall get value from the investment that is put into organisational learning.

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LearningPoint 365 is also available as a fully integrated, centralised Learning Management Solution, with training content embedded directly in the system.

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