Businesses all around the globe are rapidly adopting Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and it is evident that Microsoft have placed cloud-based applications at the forefront of their strategy. Microsoft posted a 35% increase in Office 365 adoption in 2016 and globally the system now has 85 million monthly active users. The increasing adoption of Microsoft Office 365 comes at the time of a wider shift in the way organisations handle their IT systems, from a traditional segmented approach to a more modern cloud based approach. This more modern approach benefits organisations as it encompasses a greater deal of integration between systems which facilitates unrivalled fluidity and ease of access for users.

Microsoft have made it clear that Office 365 will be a staple in their strategy going forward, receiving an unprecedented deal of attention and investment. The Office 365 suite is continually improving and growing, with additions and enhancements being made each month that help to maximise the users return on investment. This process of continuous improvement has helped the software grow rapidly in favourability, as users continue to receive more and more utility and benefits from the Office 365 suite. Microsoft’s subscription based Software as a Service pricing model has also played an important role in allowing the Office 365 suite to grow so impressively in popularity, as it positions the software to be suitable for organisations of all sizes.

As more and more organisations adopt Microsoft Office 365 they are in-turn looking for add-on products that work alongside Office 365 to provide business solutions. In doing so businesses are looking to maintain their shift to a single solution approach and taking full advantage of the Office 365 suite. PointSolutions have worked with organisations, large and small, to help them benefit from Office 365 to provide a line of business solutions through their SharePoint based products, including HR (PeoplePoint 365) and learning management (LearningPoint 365). Businesses are increasingly adopting a connected approach to IT systems by maximising their efforts on one particular platform, which streamlines processes for all stakeholders and furthermore maximises return on investment.

Overall the remarkable rise of Office 365 adoption can be seen as part of an overarching digital transformation in the way businesses approach their IT systems, a shift towards a more integrated cloud based approach, that facilitates a more streamlined experience and empowers users across all sizes of organisations. As part of this shift more and more businesses are realising the benefits of having their HR, learning and people focused systems work alongside the Microsoft Office 365 suite; as it helps to facilitate the shift towards integrated systems and maximises return on investment. The adoption rate for Office 365 shows no signs of slowing, and Microsoft show confidence in their software through their continued investment.

At PointSolutions we are seeing a shift towards cloud adoption, particularly Office 365.  This is evident in both new SharePoint projects and also from our legacy client base who are looking to future proof their SharePoint environment and systems by moving to Office 365.

Businesses using SharePoint on-premises are reminded that the extended support period for SharePoint 2007 expires in Oct this year and main-stream support for SharePoint 2013 on-premises expires in April 2018.