Organisations with a recognised charitable status can receive Microsoft Office 365 as a donation or at a significant discount as a result of Microsoft’s Office 365 Nonprofit pricing scheme. This pricing scheme is extremely valuable for not-for-profit organisations as it means those organisations, who qualify, can benefit from the Office 365 suite for free or a very low cost. Maintaining a low level of costs is evidently a crucial aim for not-for-profit organisations and therefore receiving such a powerful suite in Office 365 is extremely advantageous to their operations.

As a result of their Nonprofit pricing scheme Microsoft’s Office 365 suite has grown incredibly popular within the not-for-profit sector. Furthermore, the cost saving elements boasted by Office 365 are not just presented by Microsoft’s pricing scheme but also in its cloud based nature. As being in the cloud helps to bring costs down even further for not-for-profit organisations by reducing the need to invest in server space, infrastructure, and maintenance. The Nonprofit scheme and the cloud based nature of Office 365 makes the suite ideal for not-for-profit organisations as it boasts low costs, which for non-profit organisations is a driving factor, and reduces the dependency on technological expertise associated with running on premise infrastructure.

PointSolutions have increasingly been working with not-for-profit organisations to deliver a system that resolves their HR management system requirements. PointSolutions have worked with numerous non-profit organisations to provide business solutions through their SharePoint based products, including HR (PeoplePoint 365) and Learning Management (LearningPoint 365). Having a HR system that works alongside Microsoft Office 365 allows not-for-profit organisations to maximise their return on investment (ROI), which helps to facilitate their aim of keeping costs low. Furthermore, not-for-profit organisations can benefit greatly from SharePoint based HR management systems as they are browser based and therefore accessible anywhere on a host of devices, which is ideal for not-for-profit organisations and their volunteers who work on-the-go. PointSolutions’ HRMS products can also be personalised to include organisational intranets as an entry point into the system, which is a popular feature for not-for-profit organisations as it helps them to engage better with their staff and volunteers.

Not-for-profit organisations rely a great deal on their volunteers. However, the management of these volunteers can be complex and time consuming. An increasing number of non-profit organisations are looking to PointSolutions to develop HR management systems that can help improve the efficiency and governance around managing volunteers and volunteer related policies. PointSolutions delivers this through their Policies and Procedures Management module, which simplifies the issuing and control of key policies across the organisation. PointSolutions’ HR management systems help to reduce the strain on HR within not-for-profit organisations by providing employee self-service, real time dashboarding, and reporting functionalities all under one platform, so no more drowning in paperwork or spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office 365 presents an extremely flexible and lean way of working that empowers individuals, which is ideal for not-for-profit organisations as it helps them to maximise the utility earned from their resources and investments. Furthermore Office 365, and HR management systems that work alongside, help to increase efficiencies for all staff and volunteers, meaning they will have more time to spend on value adding work. The powerful tools and features within the Office 365 suite allow organisations to reduce their need to invest in multiple systems and in the process reduces costs. Office 365 Nonprofit provides not-for-profit organisations with advanced business tools as a donation or at a discounted rate, which has led to the suite becoming a popular choice in the third sector.