Project snapshot

Paper-based children’s counseling charity ‘Fegans’ shaking hands with technology to implement a PointSolutions SharePoint based HR system with a core employee record manager, as well as time recording, expense tracking & policy & procedure governance functionality. With the suite of quick digital reports now available to them, it’s given the tools they need to complete their roles as effectively as possible.

Quote form the client

“PointSolutions were a joy to work with, nothing was ever too much trouble and they have bene keen to work hard to make things work how we need them to. It is still early days for us since implementation, however we can already see how beneficial this system will be for all our staff, from finance to personnel to all of our clinical staff. It will greatly streamline our processes enabling counsellors to focus more on the children they work with. Added bonuses such as the Intranet will be invaluable to us when communicating with our many remote workers so that all our staff feel well supported and a strong sense of belonging to Fegans.”

Jennie Worthley – Head of People and Culture

Key achievements

As a direct result of implementing the core PointSolutions Employee Record Manager, Fegans now have the ability to view, edit, and produce a plethora of custom reports on employee’s records at the touch of a button.

The timesheets implementation now means Fegans can now digitally view, amend, and report on timesheets for their staff, with employee’s having the ability to complete their timesheets easily from whichever location they are currently working from.

Having also chosen the PointSolutions expenses module, Fegans now also have the ability to add, amend and submit their expenses for manager approval digitally.

Working with children meant that policies and procedural governance are critical to Fegans. Having chosen to use the PointSolutions Policy and Procedure module means they can now easily track the governance of employee’s signing up to, and completing specific policies relevant to them in their role. This allows them to easily chase any outstanding sign-offs with reporting functionality.

Fegans required the below to be achieved as a result of implementing a PointSolutions HR system;

Employee and Manager Self Service

  • Staff being able to change their personal details address etc which generate alerts to relevant staff members
  • Staff able to view their personal details and relevant documents e.g. contract, certificates etc.
  • Staff able to upload their own documents to their file e.g. ID and qualifications
  • Ability to run reports as needed and download file

Hold employee data

  • Able to see a history of the changes to an employee record e.g. change of hours/salary
  • Able to run reports from this data (i.e. no. of staff by location/discipline etc)

       Streamline timesheets

  • Produce a file for loading contract hours and overtime into the payroll system
  • Run schools invoicing file from timesheets to load in to the payroll system
  • Replace existing excel based timesheets
  • Replace existing excel based data capture for school invoicing

Streamline expenses

  • Staff able to enter and track their expenses (including uploading receipts)
  • Produce a file for loading expenses in to the payroll system
  • Replace existing excel based expense tracking

Streamline policy management

  • To have the ability to upload new policies and to set tasks for staff to read them
  • To have the ability to run reports on who hasn’t read policies and send reminders

Automatically flags when policies are due to be reviewed

Our work

Point Solutions visited the client to understand their challenge & requirements following a web enquiry about our HR system.

We worked with Fegans to enhance some of our out of the box products to fully suit their business needs, in this example this involved custom development.

The results

By implementing the PointSolutions HR system with the following modules;

  • ERM (Employee Record Manager)
  • Timesheets
  • Expenses
  • Policies & Procedures

The client achieved the ability for


  • To be able to view and amend their personal details online from any location.
  • To accurately and digitally log their timesheets from any location.
  • To raise an expense digitally, and this be sent to their line manager for approval from any location.
  • To ensure they are fully up to date with any governance around adherence to policies or procedures relevant to them in their role.


  • The ability to view and edit employee records, with significant reportable functionality built in.
  • The ability to review and report on employee’s timesheets.
  • The ability to review, approve and report on employee expenses.
  • The ability for trackable governance on employee’s signing up to relevant policies and procedures that is reportable.