PointSolutions has relished in tremendous growth over recent months and with this growth has come changes to its family and operations. PointSolutions has grown to a team of twelve specialists, almost fourteen years after being founded, and entered the new year by recruiting two new employees to accommodate for the increasing demand in SharePoint and Office 365 based applications.

The new guys, Armin and Peter, were delighted to join the team as they saw an opportunity ‘to be part of a rapidly growing organisation that shares our passion for technology and innovation’. They bring with them a fresh perspective and an enthusiasm for technology and software development that has allowed them to make an immediate impact in PointSolutions’ operations.

Since the launch of Office 365 applications the landscape at PointSolutions has developed with a number of the team members’ roles evolving in order to adapt to the influx of demand. David Adams – Client Services Director at PointSolutions – was part of this evolution and knows directly the transformation that has taken place at the organisation:

“PointSolutions has harnessed fresh talent in addition to perfectly utilising the depth of in-house experience to undertake significant growth.”

David adds:

“The restructuring that has taken place at PointSolutions has allowed for fresh focus on key development areas in the newest technology and systems.”

The restructuring and expansion of PointSolutions has allowed the team to focus more on individual projects and this has facilitated an upsurge in productivity and efficiency. Luke Day – Operations Director – was a part of this transformation, moving into a more customer facing role, and expressed that new role:

“Allows me to be situated in a position where I can ensure PointSolutions delivers an even better service to our clients. My role as Operations Director allows me to work more with our customers’ and their process needs to find appropriate solutions, both technical and from a business perspective.”

The rising popularity of Office 365 and SharePoint as an integrated solution for businesses systems, from HRMS to LMS, has stimulated the growth at PointSolutions. As Dave Bailey – Marketing Director – explained:

“Businesses large and small are now realising that there is another choice when it comes to sourcing a new or replacement HR system. Benefits such as maximising the ROI on their Office 365 investment and using a SharePoint intranet as the entry point are two key wins.”

PointSolutions are at the cutting edge of HRMS application development for Office 365 as Dave emphasised:

“Our PeoplePoint 365 HRMS does what you would expect from a HR system with the added benefit that it complements the wider SharePoint Online and Office 365 environment”

The rise in popularity, of businesses using SharePoint and Office 365 to provide a line of business solutions, shows no signs of slowing as Garry Trinder – Technical Director – emphasised:

“Improvements are continually being made to both Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, I am especially anticipating the new SharePoint Framework and Web Hooks, as Microsoft embrace modern web development that will ensure an improvement in user experience.”

Garry adds:

“Office 365 will continue to be a key area of focus for Microsoft, if a business wants to get ahead of the competition, investing in Office 365 would be the place to start.”

With a series of exciting projects in the pipeline, 2017 looks to be another exciting year for PointSolutions with encouraging signs of further growth and development for the team.