The Client

Enterprise Lancashire is a business support agency who were going through a period of consolidation and acquisition that required the centralisation of systems and processes. The systems utilised by the different organisations were either not fit for purpose, out-of-date and unsupported, too costly or simply just duplicated data, duplicated processes. The new organisational structure would rely heavily on centralised systems facilitating hub/partner collaboration in order to provide a flexible, scalable and adaptable business management system.

The Requirements

The organisation had successfully tendered for an ERDF funded project acting as lead partner and collaborating with several other business support agencies. This has resulted in a £3m contract to be delivered across Lancashire over a 2 year period.

There were a number of delivery partners involved with this project and effective management of the systems and processes was essential. The organisation therefore needed to develop and install a new intranet/extranet management system based on SharePoint with a new CRM system at the back end for partners and staff to upload information. This would enable quality control, monitoring and the viewing of data by certified individuals when required.

The new system needed to be easy to use and require minimum administration. The system also needed to be scalable and have the capability to manage multiple delivery projects.

The Solution

Enterprise Lancashire’s new SharePoint CRM system allows for the management of a variety of complex projects enabling them to deliver on the expectations and stringent document control measures required by the delivery partners and stakeholders.

Kevin Clark, Chief Executive at Enterprise Lancashire, commented: “Working with PointSolutions was a breath of fresh air, they carefully scoped the project to gain a full understanding of the challenges we faced and worked with us to develop a practical solution. We were able to trial parts of the system as it was being developed, enabling our staff to buy into the process, which also enhance confidence in its usability.

“From my experience in working with PointSolutions, I would describe them as professional, friendly, efficient, but most importantly just good at what they do.”

Mark Walsh, Managing Director of PointSolutions, said: “The SharePoint CRM solution for Enterprise Lancashire will provide them with the visibility and reporting functionality needed to deliver multiple projects with different milestones, measurements and outputs.”