The Client

Medilink Yorkshire and Humber Ltd is a membership-based organisation dedicated to the growth of the healthcare technology and related life sciences sector, servicing medical technology companies, hospitals and universities within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

It also provides a gateway for national and international clients interested in developing relationships (commercial, research or clinical) with the region’s medical sector.

The Requirements

Medilink engaged PointSolutions to create a new CRM System based on Microsoft SharePoint, after spending over six months searching for a solution that suited their particular information management need.

Jason Brannan, PR & Comms Director at Medilink, said: “The PointSolutions team met with our team to understand our needs, which helped ensure the solution we have fits the organisation.”

PointSolutions – a new Medilink member – uses SharePoint to create highly developed business applications, including SharePoint HR solutions, Learning Management Systems and of course SharePoint CRM solutions.

The Solution

Medilink’s new SharePoint CRM solution, Helix, is an advanced CRM which has been designed to revolutionise the way Medilink staff are able to interact with members and the wider sector.

Helix will enable the capture of vital information about members and their areas of interest – meaning a more tailored output for members and the support they receive.

Jason Brannan, PR & Comms Director at Medilink, added: “Helix has been a really important investment for Medilink and what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation on behalf of the sector.

“The system acts as a centre point for company and sector data and this allows us to analyse and respond to detailed information about our members. This ultimately feeds in to Medilink’s overarching aim of helping healthcare organisations to grow and improving patient care.”

Mark Walsh, Managing Director of PointSolutions, said: “The CRM solution for Medilink has a number of integrated extras which will empower both management and staff with the information they need to provide the best possible service to Medilink members.”