The Client

CCL Stressing Systems Ltd (CCL) designs, supplies and installs post-tensioned concrete slabs for buildings, helping to create imaginative, resource efficient structures across the globe. The Company also provides post-tensioning solutions for civil structures as well as pre-tensioning products and equipment, bridge bearings, concrete repair and engineering services.

The Requirements

CCL was looking to replace its SharePoint based HR system as the business had outgrown the system capability.

CCL needed a replacement SharePoint HR system that could provide regional administration control and this ‘global’ feature didn’t exist in the current system.

The system was also required to help HR teams, learning managers and department heads to manage areas including employee leave, appraisals and recruitment, all wrapped-up one integrated platform.

The Solution

With 114 employees across three sites in the UK, CCL is now using PointSolutions’ SharePoint HR system which includes global administration as standard. The system has been designed to manage HR across the business and now plans are in place to introduce a number of other key HR features before rolling out the software across its global operation which extends to the USA, Costa Rica, Peru, Ghana, Morocco, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Paul Stainrod, CCL’s Group IT manager, said: “We chose PointSolutions’ SharePoint based HR system as the SharePoint system we had been using was rigid and couldn’t flex to meet our ongoing needs.  The global capabilities which come as standard with the PointSolutions offering would have cost us an extra £6,000 to £8,000 to deliver and the consultation from the supplier wasn’t sufficient for our needs.

“PointSolutions are specialists and their consultative approach helps us to ensure we get the most from the system and ultimately get wider buy-in for SharePoint across the business.

“We are already seeing a number of efficiencies with the new HR system and the skills mapping elements will help to make us a stronger business.”

Mark Walsh, Managing Director at PointSolutions, said: “Our SharePoint HR system is perfect for large companies like CCL because it allows a gradual roll out, starting with key apps in the UK before scaling internationally.

“The benefit of PointSolutions’ software is that, while it’s out-of-the-box, it can also be customised with bespoke packages to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. It has the flexibility to evolve as companies change and grow.

“We’re delighted that it’s bringing big business benefits to CCL and it marks the start of an exciting journey as we look to roll out the software worldwide.”