The somewhat clunky look and feel of earlier iterations of SharePoint and poor design policies have left a legacy of ‘underwhelmed’ users.  More recent versions including 2013 and the pending 2016 bring the all-important aesthetics closer to what the majority of us expect from a typical online/systems experience.

In a media-rich world we are continually bombarded with information and have less time to find what we need, do and move onto the next thing.  This puts more emphasis on the user interface (UI) as being key to having a system that users are happy to engage with on a regular basis.

At PointSolutions we take time to ensure that our intranets and applications are customer focused and employ the best UI, providing clean, clear and attractive functionality that’s easy to work with.

Our SharePoint HR apps use flat design policies and cascading views to make the administration and self-service elements as user friendly as possible.

Example HR forms for booking a holiday which can calculate on ½ hr, ½ days or full days and will include any Bank Holidays (where relevant) and enforce Company Holidays.

Screen shot from our SharePoint/Office 365 HR app

SharePoint Holiday Form