Our SharePoint HR system includes Holiday Management, Absenteeism, Compensation and Appraisal modules and provides self-service for employees and powerful reporting for line managers and HR professionals.

SharePoint HR provides a collaborative environment between the HR department, line managers and employees and can be enhanced further with the edition of our SharePoint Recruitment & Onboarding and LMS modules.

For the HR professional this means access to information company wide, with full analytical reporting and global administration.

For the manager this means access to the information relating to his/her team enabling them to track employee objectives, KPIs and competencies, manage performance reviews, plan and track learning and development.

For the employee this means self-service access to personal information, absence records, holiday booking, KPI objectives, competency results and development plans.

Our SharePoint HR System is modular and so will flex to meet your immediate and future requirements.

SharePoint HR Application Highlights

  • Simple, clean user interface makes the system easy to use and administer
  • Web based means it’s accessible on-the-go
  • Modular system means you only pay for what you need
  • It’s Sharepoint based so it can easily grow and flex to suit your needs in the future
  • Powerful, customisable reports to aid HR and business strategy development
  • Dynamic organisational charting provides visibility across all levels and highlights ‘empty chairs’ within an organisation
  • Integrated eRecruitment, Onboarding and LMS options support strategic talent management and workforce planning
  • Global administration allows for regional administration control
  • Self-service portals helps to automate time consuming manual processes
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