As more and more businesses look to adopt an integrated approach to their IT systems, Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 are gearing up to be a hot topic in 2017.

PointSolutions will be partnering with The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) to deliver a free seminar in which fellow Sheffield based organisations will discover how beneficial SharePoint and Office 365 can be to their IT systems.

The seminar will address how businesses, around the globe, have increasingly been using SharePoint and Office 365 to overcome numerous challenges in HR, learning management, people management, and information sharing. The session provides the opportunity for SME’s and larger organisations based in Sheffield to gain insight into how they can empower themselves and grow by developing their use of SharePoint and Office 365. The seminar aims to address how organisations can get the most out of their SharePoint and Office 365 solutions; presenting the opportunity to maximise their return on investment.

The seminar will take place on the 30th January and later in the year on the 21st of April. Both sessions commence at 9:30am and take place at Albion House.