UK based, SharePoint specialist company, PointSolutions have launched their software as a service (SaaS) HR management system model to make the software more attractive to SME’s.  As more and more small to medium sized businesses adopt the Microsoft Office 365 service, in-turn they are looking to extend the use of Office 365 beyond the Microsoft product set and into add-on products that can help them to manage their business and engage better with their employees.

PointSolutions launched their SharePoint Online based HRMS – ‘PeoplePoint 365’ back in 2015 and have continued to grow their customer base around the success of the product to include some well-known organisations, both large and small.  Dave Bailey – Marketing Director at PointSolutions adds:

“Our capital, unlimited licensing model made our SharePoint based HR management system an attractive proposition to larger companies and we soon found that businesses with 500+ employees were becoming our key audience.”

“The flip side to this was that we were neglecting the lower-end of the market and putting-off the smaller organisations, who preferred a monthly subscription and lower upfront cost.”

PointSolutions responded by providing a pricing structure that has a £1 entry point for the SaaS licensing, meaning that the upfront cost could be positioned at a price-point suited to organisations with lower numbers of staff.  Dave Bailey adds:

“The SaaS model also brings us in-line with the overarching Microsoft SaaS service which is becoming the norm for many.”

PeoplePoint 365 SaaS options include the Core HR piece and a number of HR functionality ‘themes’ which can be added to provide Time and Attendance, Talent, Expenses Management and Applicant Tracking (ATS).  The Talent Management theme also dove-tails straight into the aptly named LearningPoint 365, Learning Management System (LMS) providing a robust learning management platform for those organisations that require more, tracking reporting and management of this area.

PointSolutions have also seen an up-turn in organisations wanting to improve the engagement mechanisms with their employees, with a view to developing brand ambassadors from within the organisation.  Dave Bailey explains:

“It’s becoming more and more common for organisations to ask us to get involved in helping to enhance the internal communications to employees.  One quick-win here is to utilise the company intranet to deliver relevant, timely broadcasts and link this into the personal HR and LMS dashboards of employees.”

Dave goes on to explain the benefits of using the dashboard user interface as a way of simplifying communications and achieving a deeper engagement with employees.

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from a SharePoint HRMS please contact the team at PointSolutions.