SharePoint Online

Office 365 deployment is an attractive option for many businesses. Business owners are discovering that along with the suite of Microsoft products that are already known as ‘household names’, such as Word, Excel and Exchange, O365 also includes SharePoint Online.

Office 365 comes in a number of Business and Enterprise level pricing plans, each providing associated SharePoint capabilities which need to be aligned with your longer term SharePoint strategy.

Bespoke SharePoint development can be tricky in the hosted environment and limited in some circumstances. We work with businesses that are considering Office 365 and looking to understand how they can tap into the capabilities of SharePoint Online.

HR apps for Office 365

  • HR applications designed for the Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online environment are becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to maximise their Office 365 investment.
  • Business looking to simplify their approach to system adoption are attracted to HR for Office 365 as everything can then be accessed from one place.
  • HR apps for Office 365 can be extended into Recruitment & Onboarding apps and LMS apps providing extensibility and scalability.

Other apps for Office 365

  • Our QHSE app provides the capability for businesses to manage and control their Quality Health Safety and Environmental concerns and at the same time providing the interconnectivity of utilising SharePoint Online.
  • CRM apps for Office 365 are another way to extend the capabilities of Office 365 and compliment the HR apps to fulfil a sales and marketing need within a business.

For more information on how we can help you to unlock the capabilities of your O365 investment contact the PointSolutions Team.