SharePoint CRM Solutions

PointSolutions integrate with a broad range of systems including Sage, Opera, Exchequer, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM.

We achieve integration by using standard SharePoint features (i.e. Business Connectivity Services) by using back office system APIs (Application Program Interface) or using coding with standards such as ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).

SharePoint is never all things to an organisation when it comes to system and process provision, but by utilising the integration features of SharePoint and other systems it can be effectively used to manage process and avoid duplication in both data management and process.

Key Features

  • Surface information from a back office system in SharePoint and utilise SharePoint as the presentation layer, avoiding issues around licensing, access and security in providing access to systems for all staff.
  • Completion of a project or a job record in SharePoint generates an invoice in a finance system.
  • Authorisation of an expense claims form in SharePoint creates a record in the payroll system.

More Key Features

  • Time and attendance system creates an absenteeism record in SharePoint for the absenteeism and return to work management processes.
  • Client exceeds credit limit in the financial system which then displays and, or creates an alert in the order, job or project management process in SharePoint.
  • Fields from the client record in the financial system are displayed in SharePoint (on a read-only basis) where the functionality is extended in SharePoint to record further client information that is not needed by the financial system but facilitates additional processes in SharePoint to support a complaints system, support, service, case and project management.

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