As part of their efforts to stay ahead of the pack, PointSolutions sent one of their technical leads over to the Netherlands to the Unity Connect 2016 Conference.

The conference was held over 3 days where Garry Trinder (Technical Director at PointSolutions) was able to network with and attend a number of insightful workshop and sessions run by SharePoint experts from across the world.

The venue, Philharmonie Haarlem, provided an impressive backdrop to the conference.  Garry comments:  “My favourite room being Room E, it was huge, complete with a 19th century organ!”

The sessions were mostly delivered by SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs, who were more than happy to answer any questions people wanted to ask, either during or after their sessions.

Garry added: “That’s what I think are great about these attending conferences like Unity Connect, you learn from the sessions being delivered, but being able to chat to other SharePoint experts to share ideas and experiences is as good and as valuable as attending the sessions themselves.

There were so many things that I took away from the conference, as I was able to attend a good mixture of sessions that crossed many roles, IT Pro, Developer and Business user, it was great to get a balanced view of SharePoint and Office 365 improvements.”

Garry has already booked his ticket for 2017!